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October 25, 2022
Aberrican Me - Ross

The definition of the word crime, according to the present day dictionary is: An act committed or omitted in violation of a law forbidding or commanding it and for which punishment is imposed upon conviction or unlawful activity: statistics relating to violent crime.

Having defined the term itself, let us look deeper into the dark and dangerous world, filled with lies, deception, thievery, murder and other sinister deeds...

Since the dawn of time, mankind had the need to establish and maintain a certain level of social order and control. A mechanism was needed that would enable a certain group or a society to function in specific parameters. The result of that need was the establishment of law, an agreed code of conduct, applied to everyone without exceptions. That in turn, had the appearance of individuals or organized groups unwilling to act according to this agreed code of conduct known as the law. The act of defiance against the law was termed CRIME.

At the center of organized crime is a body with its own hierarchy, in a way similar to its legal counterpart. That type of organization is ever conspiring to obtain a certain kind of profit through illegal means such as violence, bribery and brute force accompanied with retribution threats. Its wide specter of activities cover from credit card fraud, gun running, illegal gambling, insurance fraud, kidnapping for ransom, to narcotics trade, pornography, prostitution, racketeering, smuggling and vehicle theft.

Now let us move to some of the prominent organizations, particularly successful in their gruesome enterprise. Probably the most infamous is the Italian mafia known as Cosa Nostra. A veil of mystery covers this organization, hiding the truth about their origin and structure. Based in Sicily, it consists of associated criminal groups with a strict code of conduct, where each individual group is referred to as The Family, and members are commonly called Mafioso

Shoulder to shoulder with Cosa Nostra stands their infamous counterpart, the Japanese Yakuza. They are also known as Bōryokudan, a name given to them by the Japanese police force and the media, meaning “The Violence Group” as opposed to the name which they use to describe themselves "Ninkyō Dantai" meaning the “The Chivalrous Organization”. Their structural integrity lies within the combination of traditional and modern system

We have seen some of the examples of how the crime evolved since its appearance to this date. It was a horrifying road paved with evil intentions, ghastly deeds and tears of those who felt injustice done upon them at the hands of the wicked. This category contains the documentaries portraying that road along with the stories of people from both sides of the law.

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Midwest Crime ★ Memphis Crime Gangs ★ Documentary
Midwest Crime ★ Memphis Crime Gangs ★ Documentary
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Watch documentary online True stories Crack house Crime ...
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