Waiting for Superman documentary Watch online

October 28, 2022
“Codegirl,” a new documentary

An eye-opening documentary about Americas failing education system that is sure to spark plenty of debate between teachers and parents. Children’s Zone founder Geoffrey Canada is the primary speaker throughout the film and shares with viewers how learning that Superman didn’t exist not only broke his heart, but inspired him to a lifelong devotion to helping underprivileged children.

Waiting For Superman details the different aspects of the American public education system such as how easily a public school teacher achieves tenure, the inability to dismiss a teacher under the tenure policy, and how the systems attempt to reprimand poorly performing teachers impacts an educational institution. The standards of teaching are also examined, resulting in often conflicting bureaucracy between teaching expectations at the school, state, or federal level. The differences between the educational institutions are compared, from those in the affluent suburbs vs the schools in the poorer areas. Since charter schools do not operate with the same restrictions as public institutions, they are depicted as having a more experimental approach to educating students.

The film ends with a potentially happy outcome for one subject, but updates on how the others fail to materialize. After investing in their stories, it’s natural to expect more information. Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim provides a persuasive argument that involved parents will always have an advantage over those who accept whatever comes their way – no matter how ineffective.

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