BBC documentary series

May 20, 2022
BBC documentary series
  • Observational Documentary series: 9pm.
  • Singles: stand alone or as part of a series.

Documentaries on BBC Four are about engaging audiences with new ideas and bringing new perspectives on big debates. BBC Four Documentaries can be nostalgic, funny, daring and distinctive but they always have something unique to say. From Disowned And Disabled toGod's Cadets: Joining The Salvation Army and from The Wonder Of Bees With Martha Kearney to Cathedrals, they bring a new and engaging perspective to surprise, delight, provoke and entertain. Very often BBC Four Documentaries are characterised by the way they offer an alternative perspective on a mainstream subject.

When choosing Documentaries to commission we look for originality of approach combined with real understanding of the subject matter. We engage with both distinctive Presenters and distinctive directorial voices. We are particularly looking for ideas that feel of the moment and get closer to the workings of the now so that the channel engages directly with modern Britain.

We want the best ideas that will have impact and show the audience that Documentaries on BBC Four is a great place to stretch the intellect and the imagination.

The single thing we never get enough of are ideas which feel modern with real scale and ambition, ideas that feel like they will show each channel in a different and unexpected light. If you take one thing away with you, it should be this!

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