Catfish documentary online

October 20, 2022
Catfish: The TV Show

Don't let anyone tell you what it is.

Release Date:

1 October 2010 (USA)

Opening Weekend:

$257, 285 (USA)


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As of August 2011, the film has been hit with two lawsuits and, according to Catfish distributor Relativity Media, the film has an unrecouped balance of more than $8.5 million and will not likely ever become profitable. Both of these lawsuits have to do with songs used within the movie not being attributed to their creators. See more »


Yaniv Schulman: [First lines] If this is your documentary, you're doing a bad job.
Ariel Schulman: Why?
Yaniv Schulman: Because you're catching me when I don't want to talk about things.
Ariel Schulman: How should we do it?
Yaniv Schulman: Set it up, organise a time with me, put together some materials, emails, we'll get the Facebook conversations printed out and we'll really talk about it.
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Crazy Credits

The opening logos are recorded off a computer (specifically a Mac). The Universal logo is shown as someone using Google Earth. The Relativity Media logo is shown as if it was an online video. The Rogue Pictures logo is shown as a desktop icon. See more »


Featured in 50 Documentaries to See Before You Die: Episode 1 (2011) See more »


Learning the Lie
Written by Joel Gibb
Performed by The Hidden Cameras
Published by Embassy Music Corp.
Courtesy of Arts & Crafts Productions, Inc.
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do you saw the catfish before - a documentary
do you saw the catfish before - a documentary
Watch Catfish (2010) Free Online
Watch Catfish (2010) Free Online
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