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August 29, 2022
YouTube gets two extra BBC

BBC Earth presents Earth Unplugged: A digital nature channel for YouTube

BBC Worldwide today announced the launch of Earth Unplugged a new YouTube channel from BBC Earth, BBC Worldwide's global natural history brand.

The channel will feature a feast of new films created for a digital audience by BBC Earth Productions and is set to become a destination site for wildlife and nature. Earth Unplugged is BBC Worldwide's first original-content channel for YouTube and forms part of the company's plans to build a true consumer facing multi-channel network on the platform.

Amanda Hill, Managing Director for BBC Earth at BBC Worldwide said "With Earth Unplugged we're seeking to connect a new audience with the world around them. YouTube offers a fantastic opportunity to reach people and grab their attention with innovative nature content that will captivate and inspire."

Earth Unplugged has released a trailer for the channel today which can be viewed here: On launch the channel will feature videos for seven unmissable new shows:

* Earth Juice will bring viewers weekly news discussing the latest discoveries in the natural world and revealing amazing facts that they may never have heard before: from bees that have produced blue honey to uncovering the real life vampires in the animal kingdom.
* Meet My Planet is a glossy and intimate look inside the world of people who have been inspired by the natural world. We'll hear from a fascinating mix of people from explorers, naturalists and filmmakers to artists and musicians – all of whom have a passion for nature.
* Deadliest... is a YouTube exclusive spin-off of the BBC's immensely popular TV show Deadly 60 and features the ultimate showdowns from the planet's deadliest animals; the most inhospitable habitats and most dangerous forces of nature.
* Walking with Dinosaurs will see videos specially created for Earth Unplugged - including the soon-to-be-favourite sketchosaurus - the ultimate destination for dino fans with an enticing mix of fun, fear and facts!
* Earth Files takes iconic nature stories and gives them a unique digital makeover, fusing high-end graphics and surprising music with beautiful photography to create a brand new experience.
* Zoo La La will travel the world uncovering some of the most extraordinary animal behaviour and Bugface, part of Zoo La La, makes insects the star of a new show that has to be seen to be believed!
* Amazing Animal Babies is a must for anyone needing a weekly uplift! Featuring stunning films of cute baby animals Amazing Animal Babies will reveal the extraordinary stories these infants have to tell.

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