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August 30, 2020
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Shaping Youth’s K-5 playground documentary in development, should get a big boost of media ‘umpf’ and fiscal validation with the release of the new doc, America the Beautiful opening today in L.A. and next Friday in S.F., S.D., and Las Vegas!

I’ll be interviewing America the Beautiful director Darryl Roberts after their S.F. Film Society pre-screening next week, but wanted to tell all our L.A. readers pronto to pack a wallop of support into this weekend’s box office sales! —Especially since MTV recently put out a casting call for a new ‘transformational’ reality show called AND, coming out Sept. 16, the premiere of The Biggest Loser FAMILY edition. Yep, kiddies on diets with mom and dad in gather-round media moments. sigh.

Shaping Youth’s ongoing research on the harmful trickle down impact among K-5 elementary kids in our appearance-obsessed culture segues nicely into Darryl Roberts’ theme on toxic body image reverb…

Judging by the ATB film trailer and Roger Ebert’s review alone, sight unseen, I’d urge all to give it a GO when it comes to your city. It’s worthwhile content regardless of execution, whether it takes on a Michael Moore muckraking lens, or an “artivists” tonality…the SUBJECT matter itself is what’s key.

Part Dove ‘Onslaught’ vibe, part human interest story of 12-year old Gerren Taylor vaulting from catwalk darling to damaged and discarded, ( like a wadded, tossed tissue from a fashion-fest sneeze— the important media message merits a blaring, glaring spotlight turned on the issue in full force…

…NOT just for the way our industry treats human beings, but for the preteens and even tinier tykes increasingly caught in the casting net of shoulds, coulds and wannabes prevalent in our web celeb/pop culture zeitgeist and the toll it’s taking on their physical and emotional health.

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Now repeat after me, “I’m mad as hell, and…” Well, you get the drift. As I said here before, the way marketers are “Packaging Girlhood” is making cash registers go ‘ka-ching’ and kids’ psyches go ‘ka-boom.’

There is NO question beauty-obsessed, body image-driven, early sexualization of childhood is bound to have direct links to eating disorders, low self-esteem and depression.

There is NO question media and marketing is complicit in fueling this fire in surround sound to glean higher profits…The question then becomes…

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DANIEL AMERICA - The Online Documentary - Montage
America The Beautiful Documentary
America The Beautiful Documentary
America the Beautiful
America the Beautiful
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