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October 31, 2022
The Bully Project [Full

This is so sad. Kylie Jenner opened up about her struggles with being bullied during her appearance on ‘The Ellen Show’ on Nov. 30, admitting that she’s been bullied in one way or another for most of her life. See her emotional confession here!

, 18, may seem like she has it all, but even the reality star has had to deal with vicious bullies. During her highly-anticipated appearance on on Nov. 30, the reality star sat down with host to discuss her history of being bullied, revealing that it’s a problem she has suffered and dealt with for most of her life. How awful!

Kylie is really pulling at our heartstrings over here. While it’s no secret that the star has dealt with bullies online, she admitted to Ellen that bullying has been a very serious issue for her for the majority of her life now — an experience that ultimately led her to launch her own anti-bulling campaign.

“Well I started an Instagram campaign called “I Am More Than.” And I’ve been bullied my whole life whether it was about my peers or comments on Instagram or twitter, whatever, ” Kylie revealed. “And I never talked about my story really. I feel like I’ve kind of accepted it because I realized that just comes with the territory. So I kind of was online and just finding other girls and boys my age who have been bullied and have kind of overcome it and just done something amazing with it who inspire me, so I kind of wanted them to just use my platform and post their stories on Instagram to hopefully inspire my followers too, because they inspire me so much.”

Kylie first launched her “I Am More Than” Instagram campaign back in September, after sharing her admiration for fellow anti-bullying activist Lizzie Velasquez, who became a motivational speaker after being criticized for her looks, which are the result of a rare syndrome that stops her from gaining weight.

“It is is so unacceptable to treat people like this, ” Kylie wrote about Lizzie in her first “I Am More Than” post before opening up about her own struggles. “People are so quick to say horrible things about me everyday over and over and sometimes I can’t take it. Even I at times get affected by it, I breakdown, I hide, I cry. It’s resulted in a lot of anxiety for me that I’ve never had to deal with before ever. My every move has been documented for the whole world and its been a nightmare trying to find myself through all of this. And I’ve absolutely lost apart of myself.”

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What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Are you shocked Kylie has been bullied for years? Let us know in the comments below.

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Watch Bully Online Free Putlocker
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