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June 3, 2019
Errol Morris

Massimo Mazzucco (born 20 July 1954 in Turin) is an Italian filmmaker who is known for producing documentary films such as The New American Century and Cancer -The Forbidden Cures. Mazzucco is also the editor of, an Italian news site concentrating mostly on the September 11 WTC attacks.

Feature films[edit]

Winner: De Sica Price, Venice Film Festival 1983. Valencia Film Festival 1983, Sidney Film Festival 1984 Walter Chiari, Luca Barbareschi. Winner: Golden Globe Foreign Press (Italy) Winner: Pasinetti Prize for Best Actor (W. Chiari) Venice Film Festival 1986. London Film Festival 1986. Melbourne Film Festival 1986

  • Hidden Lens (Obiettivo Indiscreto) - 1992

Luca Barbareschi, Sam Jenkins, Marc De Jonge.

  • Shadow of a Kiss (L'Ombra Abitata) - 1994

Michael York, Charlotte Valandray, Florinda Bolkan.

  • Aaron Gillespie Will Make You a Star - 1996

Scott Caan, Holly Gagnier, Scott Trost. Final selection, Hollywood Film Festival 1996. Montreal Film Festival 1996.

Digital Format Documentaries / DVD[edit]

  • Inganno Globale / Global Deceit - 2006

"The first Italian film on 9/11, in 2006 sparked a major debate on the Italian media, after having being broadcast by Berlusconi's Canale 5."

  • The New American Century / Il Nuovo Secolo Americano - 2007

"As a follow-up to Global Deceit, The New American Century presents the historical, philosophical, economical and political background - some of which is totally unknown to the public - that lend support to the accusation that the 9/11 terrorist attacks were in fact an inside-job." "Historically accurate, narratively captivating, The New American Century is one of the best films about the facts behind the 9/11 attacks." -Webster G. Tarpley "The New American Century is a stunning film. It should be seen as widely as possible, in cinemas, bars, clubs, at meetings and, of course, through the internet. I'm sure the film will continue to be a source of debate and political education for many years." -Ken Loach

  • L'altra Dallas / The Other Dallas - 2008

"A documentary on the RFK assassination, also broadcast by Italian TV, shows how the man convicted for the crime - one Sirhan Bishara Sirhan - could not have physically killed the US senator."

  • I Padroni Del Mondo / The Lords of the World - 2009

"The UFO history and the military persistent interference, both American and Russian, in what seems to be a much larger issue than one would normally believe."

  • Cancer: The Forbidden Cures - 2010

"All the successful cures against cancer discovered in the last 100 years, and the reasons why they were suppressed." "Cancer is the only disease that has been defeated dozens of times without anyone knowing it. In the last 100 years, dozens of doctors, scientists, and researchers have developed diverse and effective solutions against cancer only to be thwarted by the political and propaganda power of the drug-dominated medical profession. This is the story of Essiac, Hoxsey, Laetrile, Shark Cartilage, Mistletoe, and Bicarbonate of Soda all put together in a stunning overview that leaves no doubt that inexpensive cures for cancer do exist but are systematically blocked by Big Pharma because they come from nature and cannot be patented. DVD, 93 minutes."

  • The True History of Marijuana / La vera storia della Marijuana - 2011

"'The True History of Marijuana' digs deep to expose a world-wide conspirancy, led by the petrolchemical industry, that has outlawed one of the most useful plants known to mankind. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years, in almost every culture, in ways you may never have imagined. This shocking DVD will change the way you think about marijuana for ever. DVD, 80 minutes."

  • September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor - 2013

This 5-hour documentary is a point-by-point rebuttal of the official account of 911, showing it to be false from top to bottom.


Some criticism was directed to Mazzucco after his decision, starting September 2008, to publicize an alternative cancer therapy based on Sodium bicarbonate and proposed by Italian ex-doctor Tullio Simoncini. Said therapy is currently unproven, and Simoncini was expelled from the Italian Medical Association after he was tried and found guilty of fraud and manslaughter, since a patient died, allegedly as result of Simoncini’s treatment.

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Films Related To The New American Century
The New American Century
The New American Century
New American Century
New American Century
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