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The Career And Perks of a Physical Therapy Assistant

| October 17, 2012 | 0 Comments

For those looking for information on becoming a registered physical therapy assistant, perhaps the following information will provide some of the answers you are seeking. It may be necessary to begin at the beginning in order to gain perspective on just what the job description of this occupation entails.

As a physical therapy assistant, you will work under the supervision of a physical therapist to help patients who have problems with mobility and who may be in pain. You will help patients with exercises and provide other therapeutic treatments like bathing, massaging, etc. You will also record the patient’s progress and report anything that you find to the physical therapist.

The career guide at¬†explains, that to become a certified assistant in this field, you are usually required to have at least a two-year associate’s degree from an accredited college or academic institution. The college will most likely give you the opportunity for hands on experience while are studying for this medical career.

In regards to the average salary these professionals earn, the average yearly salary was a little over forty eight thousand as of 2009. What is important is the fact that such a sum can be accomplished fairly early in your career. In truth, many professionals actually earn much closer to $75,000 and enjoy a great deal of job stability and career growth.

So, if you are interested in starting a career in the above-mentioned field, you should go through a process to first identify the school where you will complete your training and get as much hands on experience as you can, and then determine the geographical location where you wish to practice your new avocation.

Perks of the job

For many professionals toiling daily in physical therapy assistant jobs, there can sometimes be a positive side effect in whom you provide therapy to. What I mean is that for some physical therapy assistants working in metropolitan regions such as Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, California, there are often ample opportunities to discover a celebrity in your client list.

While all patients are important and require the very best that a clinician can provide, the opportunity to service a high profile client such as a movie star or star athlete can often provide an unintended benefit. When the therapy is successful, a grateful client such as a celebrity can become a powerful boost to a practice by providing testimonials or even perhaps authorizing their images for advertising purposes.

From a business standpoint, the successful outcomes for servicing celebrity clientele can only increase business for those who are willing to exploit these rare opportunities.